Renaming Category Post Feed RSS Names

Hail WPMU Dev community,

I have a question today about something that I've been rabidly searching all over the net to figure out and cannot quite seem to.

On our network, we have one particular subdomain that is for our radio station.

This radio station site (I should mention we run on WP multisite and Buddypress) has several post categories which we post podcasts to.

We are running into the problem of having the names of these RSS feeds (and, in turn, the names that end up being displayed in iTunes) being REALLY long and unwieldy.

For example, we have a show called "The Founders' Inklings". Ideally we would just want the title of the RSS feed that shows up in iTunes to be exactly that.

Instead we get this: "Middle-earth Network Radio» The Founders' Inklings"

Now when you view this in iTunes it cuts off the name of the show due to the name of our site being added to the front of the show title and the result is that it's TOO long for iTunes.

I've tried several things: Installing SEO plugins that allow for feed name customization (Headspace 2 specifically)... So I tried setting the category for that feed to be named "The Founders' Inklings"-- but instead it showed as "Middle-earth Network RadioThe Founders' Inklings" -- You will notice the ONLY difference is the lack of the ">>" and no spacing between "radio" and "the".

Obviously that plugin is not achieving what we hoped.

I also read many posts about people modding core WP files to achieve different feed names, but we are running a growing (currently over 100) multisite network, and modding core files to change feed names is opening a can of worms for other potential users that we would MUCH rather avoid.

So, does anyone have a suggestion as to how we can avoid having these long (and often truncated) names from appearing on our iTunes podcast listings?

Thanks very much!