Render-blocking JavaScript - hummingbird scripts


I have serious page loading speed issues and have been fiddling and tweaking with the server and WordPress and have made progress but still have a way to go. Having installed Hummingbird to speed things up, I am still getting render-blocking javascript - all of which seem to be cached by Hummingbird, but I don't know what they are:

A similar thing is happening for CSS optimisation.

Any ideas? And while I'm on speed, do you have any thoughts on how to improve server response time? As far as I can tell, the server is pretty well configured and static pages/sites get a quick server response.


  • Vaughan

    Hi Arthur,

    Hope you're well?

    If you clickon each of those links it gives you for render blocking,such as you posted above.

    You will see on the first line:

    /** handles (scripts) :jquery-core | jquery-migrate | jquery | bp-confirm | bp-widget-members | bp-jquery-query | bp-jquery-cookie | bp-jquery-scroll-to | bp-legacy-js *//*! jQuery v1.12.3 | (c) jQuery Foundation | */

    So that's what it's referring to in that cache. So then you can try & find each of those in the file list, then try combining, keeping original & moving to footer etc. You should check your site after changing each setting to make sure it isn't breaking something. It's a long process to get right,but be aware, sometimes it will be impossible to score 100%.

    Cloudflare can speed up the response times. Caching plugins and so on, but there isn't that much you can do in that regard, especially with shared hosting and so on.

    Hope this helps

  • Arthur

    Hi Vaughan,

    Thanks, but I'm no programmer and would not want to get into combining files especially with the whole update process (I can stretch to child themes, but combining files is getting my hands just a little too "dirty" - I like dabbling a little and it helps me understand what's happening, have been doing it for over 15 years now, but I get the feeling this is more than that!)

    As for hosting, I moved back to dedicated partly for this reason, and have the sysadmins do some work on the server, but they are not WP experts so between us there is only a certain point we can reach. It's a little frustrating, since even an ancient piece of software (2006!) I still have running (trying to move a last remaining client) produces a faster load rate - and 200ms server response time. So it's not the server per se.

    Thanks anyway for the advice. I think I'll have to wait until I can afford a specialist before embarking on such an ambitious global BuddyPress membership site (I do so like Membership 2 Pro...!)...and stick to what I'm good at - writing and publishing!


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