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Hello. You probably know that Google's Google Page Speed ??tool has been updated. When I check the performance of pages on my site, (e.g.: ) Google Page Speed ??always gives me a bad rating. The tool lists a number of optimizations to make. Optimization number 1 is "Eliminate render-blocking resources". When I look in more detail what resources need to be optimized, I see a lot of .css and .js file hosted on My question is simple: how can I optimize the loading of these files?

  • Ash

    Hello Alexandre

    Actually "Eliminate render-blocking resources" and "Optimizing resources" are different. I can see the pagespeed suggests only one JS file to optimize, others are good.

    For "Eliminate render-blocking resources", if you have resources loading in the header, you need to move them to footer. You can do so from Dashboard > HummingBird > Assets Optimization and select footer for each asset.

    But the problem is, sometimes moving a file from header to the footer may break some functionalities. So, you have to move them one by one and check the site each time. Or in the other way, move all files together to footer and if it breaks something then move to header one by one and keep checking.

    Then the "Eliminate render-blocking resources" issue will be resolved :slight_smile: Let us know how it goes.

    Have a nice day!


  • Alexandre

    Hello Ash.

    Thank you for your quick reply. I understood the difference between "optimize a .css or .js file" and "eliminate render-blocking resources". Thank you for the explanation.

    You propose to try to move CSS or JS files to footer and to see if it doesn't break some functionalities. I agree with this method and I want to test it. The problem is that, in HummingBird > Assets Optimization, I don't see JS and CSS files that Google Page Speed ??asks to eliminate. Example: Google Page Speed ??asks to eliminate the file "0a55ca07-9230-460f-a3e2-faf00f465882.js" (hosted on I don't see this file in HummingBird > Assets Optimization. How can I move it to the footer?

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