Renew Admin-Passwords on multiple WP-Sites at once

Hello everybody! Hope you're all doing fine :slight_smile:

I'm looking for a bulk-password-renewal tool to update my pw on multiple wp-sites at once. Does anybody know a tool or service for this?

Originally I have started this post with the following text :wink:
Today I felt like it's time to update a few passwords on several online-accounts (WPMUDEV, iClood, Amazong etc.) … something that I don't do often enough, because it's just too time-consuming - the old conflict between "security" on the one hand and "comfort" on the other :wink:

Most of these online-accounts have little to nothing in common and it's the same repetetive process every time: login to each account, edit the password, wait for the confirmation mail and confirm my new password by clicking the link … :sleeping:

But for my WP-sites I thought it should be possible to batch-renew all of my own profiles passwords, don't you think so? Does anybody know such a possibility?

If nothing like this exists yet, it would be wonderful if anyone from support-team could move this to the feature request area :yum:

Have a lovely day,