Renew Button Not Displayed in Membership


I am a developer. I am using Membership plugin.

I am trying to implement a membership site where users can subscribe for a year & can “Manually” renew their Accounts.

To achieve this I am using “Finite” Mode of Membership.

For Payments,I am using PayPal Express Gateway.

I have set the option to show subscribers to show Renew notice 30 days before their account expires.

I have used [renewform] shortcode on a page.

Still members can’t see renew notice.


I refered these posts:

How to display the renew button in Membership Plugin?

In the first link, @Barry says to use “Serial” mode with PayPal Single.

In second link, @jack says to use “Finite” mode with PayPal Express.

I tried both of these solutions still renewal option doesn’t get displayed.

Please help me out.

Thanks in Advance

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @wisdmlabs

    I hope you are well today!

    If you are testing with a 1-day subscription, please ensure that the "Upgrades period limit" is set to "0", otherwise I doubt you'll ever see the upgrade form. :slight_smile:

    On my test site, I have a free subscription set to "Finite" and a duration of 1-day.

    Then a paid subscription also set to "Serial" for 1-month @ $10/mo.

    The gateway used on my test site is the PayPal Payments Standard Gateway.

    Users on the free subscription see much like the attached screenshot when they visit the page where I have the [renewform] shortcode.

    If you have only a single subscription that expires after 1-year, it doesn't really matter which gateway you use, as there are no recurring payments.

  • wisdmlabs
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Patrick,

    I guess you missed my point.

    My Members can see the upgrade button & cancel button .

    However they can’t see the “renew” button.

    This subscription isn’t free. And I wan’t them to renew while their old subscription is still active.

    I have set the renew notification period as 30 days prior to subscription expiry.

    This should obviously come when a subscription is about to expire (in last 30 days).

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @wisdmlabs,

    Are you using the “PayPal Single Payments Gateway” or the “PayPal Payments Standard Gateway” inside Membership?

    I just tried doing the following:

    – Enabled the “PayPal Single Payments Gateway”

    – Set “Renewal period limit” to “30 days”

    – Made a test subscription, set it to Serial, with a 1 day duration

    – Manually added myself to the subscription, and moved myself from the “admin” gateway to the “paypalsolo” gateway (PayPal Single Payments Gateway)

    And I was able to get the “renew” button to show up on my end, when I viewed the account page I created (using the [renewform] shortcode).

    Please advise,


  • Kipp
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    When I did this: Serial, 30 – I ended up having 5 members expire without manually renewing but were renewed for another year without charging!!!

    I found it when I noticed on the reports that 5 individual on the same minute were listed as “moved from X subscription X level to X subscription X level…

    What might I have set wrong. I thought if they didn’t manually renew on Serial, solo payment, they would simply drop to the default level (Following / Visitor).

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