Renew Subscriptions - Renew Message


I have people signed up for a monthly subscription which started about a month ago.

I understood that they would sign up for monthly and it would just keep renewing with PayPal for the period (ie one year) that is in the subscription.

1. I have just been advised - by a subscriber - that they are getting an email to RENEW their subscription - EACH MONTH! (Apart from annoying and unnecessary emails, how do you set something up for eg a year - to be billed monthly (like any other bill eg car insurance) ???....or doesn't it work that way??? (if not, why not?)

2. Also - the standard text I have amended - refers them to a link to renew. BUT there is no link. Where are they supposed to go to renew the subscription (which should be automatic) but what link are they supposed to be using to make the sign up/re-subscription easy to do (so they do it)

***Standard email that goes out.***
Date: 21 June 2014 2:02:40 pm AEST
Subject: Thank you for being a valued member of our public affairs community...

Dear [name]
This is just a quick reminder that your current subscription will finish in 5 days.
We invite you to renew and the link below will allow you to do that now so we can bring you even more news and information relevant to people in our profession as well as provide a secure online environment for everyone to gather in and keep in touch.
We welcome you for another subscription.

Honestly, membership never works how you expect it to!

3. When is the new version going to be ready?

PLEASE include the logic that the membership setup is based on. The current one makes NO sense.

Thank you.