Renewal before expiration in Memberships plugin and PayPal

Hi there,

On our site, people have two subscription plan options 1) Monthly 2) Annual. Both use Single Payments PayPal gateway, and both set to Finite subscriptions.

Is it possible to enable people to be able to purchase a renewal before their subscription expires? Right now what happens is that lets say I am signed up for the Annual plan and i have 7 months left. Then the client offers a deal for the next week were you can renew your plan, and thus tack on additional year (for a total of 1 year 7 months on the term of my subscription). However, when i go to the Register page it just says "you have 5 months left on your membership" and there is no option to purchase the renewal at the deal price.

Did I configure something wrong? Is this functionality just not possible with the plugin? Please advise.

Thanks and regards,