Reorder and Relabel WPMUDev Plugin [and Other] Menus


I'm interested in being able to reorder/reorganize and RENAME menu items in the WordPress left menu, including and especially those menu items that are added by WPMUDev plugins. Ideally:

1. All WPMUDev menus (that I'm using) can be housed under a single menu node. This same top level menu should also be able to house other (non-WPMUDev menus).

2. All menus can be named whatever I need them to be named.

3. Unwanted menu items are hidden.

4. All of the above can be done differently for different user roles.

5. IMPORTANT: All of the above are implemented in a way that does not interfere with plugin updates.

I've seen a number of hacks to achieve some of the above, but not all. There is even a WPMUDev article (from 2013) that suggests a particular plugin for some or all of the above (not enough detail to be sure).

Any suggestions? Any critiques from recent adventures with the particular plugin mentioned in the above article (CURRENT compatibility with WPMUDev plugins, support, etc)?