Replace rtMedia's default media button dashicon with something else?


After an rtMedia update back in May, they decided to switch from Font Awesome icons to Wordpress Dashicons, to my dismay.

Now the default media upload button has an icon that's a camera overlaying a musical note ("f104" on this list). Well, the membership site that I'm building has music uploads switched OFF. There is only the capability of uploading photos and videos.

Since I don't want to cause any confusion with what types of media members can upload, is there a way I can replace the dashicon with something else via CSS? Unfortunately there isn't a photos+video dashicon, so I will probably just go with a regular camera one ("f306"). (Although...I'll also have Font Awesome installed on this site too, so if there's a way to add an FA icon instead, even better!!).

The rtMedia support is unavailable over the weekend, so I'm seeing if anyone here might have a solution. It would be greatly appreciated!!