Replace topbar "My Sites" menu with Dashboard link

I like to show dashboard link in place of the "My Sites" link in the topbar when the user of a subsite logs in and visits the main site's front end.
I have tried to add a link in the admin bar module of Ultimate Branding but that is not effecting it when the front end is visited.
I like the Author user to be have the Dashboard link instead of "My sites" link.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Nicklas

    I hope you're well today!

    Ultimate Branding would let you achieve "part" of that: hide the "My Sites" menu and add your own menu (e.g. pointing to the dashbard) and even apply this only to "Author" user role but there are some "quirks" there:

    1. That would work for both back- and front-end so the "My Sites" would be hidden from them both and "Dashboard" would be displayed on them both;

    2. If it should be applied to the main site only, leaving sub-sites intact, the Ultimate Branding would have to be enabled on main site only, not being network-activated; that means that if you are using any of its features/tools "network-wide" they wouldn't work then too.

    Otherwise, if you wan to:

    - keep Ultimate Branding network-activated
    - hide "My Sites" and show "Dashboard" menu items on a main site only
    - and do that change on a front-end only but not in back-end
    - additionally, only for selected user role(s)

    that would have to be custom coded, I'm afraid.

    Also, you mentioned "Author" user and "sub-site" users, does this mean that all these users coming from sub-sites do have "author" user role on the main site already?

    Best regards,

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