Replacement for Absolute Privacy?

I'm setting up a Multisite version of some unique sites I've been running for some time now. They're for extended families to have a private place to communicate. I've been using Absolute Privacy from the repository. However it's not Multisite compatible. I'm wondering if Membership can replace it? And if not, if there are any other possibilities that might help.

Absolute Privacy does 2 key things that I need: 1. It makes the site private, all except for a designated page which all non-logged-in visitors are redirected to. 2. It allows the admin to approve or deny newly registered users of the site. Because these are family sites, myself or my staff can't approve users, as we don't know who is their family or not. So we need to be able to turn this over to the person who purchased the site, letting in only those who are family. But it also needs to send an email to the Admin or designated person to notify them when a new user needs approved.

Can Membership replicate this functionality. If not, is there another plugin that would? Or is there any chance that WPMUdev would take Absolute Privacy and update it for MU and make it a premium plugin or merge it into an existing one? Or does WPMUdev ever undertake projects if someone is willing to pay for part of the expense, but allow WPMUdev to offer it as a premium plugin?

On a related note, I'm also using a plugin called Register Plus Redux to allow the family members to fill out additional information like phone number and physical address (which are displayed on a "family contact list" page). It appears this plugin is gone from the repository. Are there any WPMUdev plugins that allow adding of fields to the registration form?