replacing media upload default location

I had been using Media File Manager Advanced to upload images into a structure that was branded rather than structured by month-and-year. It suddenly stopped working and so I had to revert back to the default month-year upload structure.

I think this is the reason that Cloner is missing some images when I create new sits from cloning. Can you recommend a plug in that allows for custom upload structure that Cloner will work well with?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Ecovacs Robotics!

    Changing the permalink structure of your media library is pretty tricky if you're trying to apply it to already-existing images, rather then for all future image uploads only, as you're going to have references to the image URL that are incorrect dotted throughout your site. It sounds like the now-broken plugin you used to use to change the media library URLs did this for you automatically.

    Regardless of which plugin you use, you may need to do a little repair/clean up work on your site now to make sure all your image links are working throughout your site. Since you've had to revert to the default structure, I would imagine you've got some bad image links floating around in your sites. This involves a few steps.

    1. You may need to do a find/replace in your database to update the image URLs stored there. (There's a tool for this, so it's not as daunting as it sounds. Make sure to take a backup of your current database before you begin, so you can always revert back to your current state.)
    2. Look through your posts, pages, and widgets to make sure you don't have any bad URLs for images already added to your site.

    Once you've ensured that all your image URLs are correct through out your site or network, you should be able to successfully clone any of your sites and maintain the correct image URLs. If you use a different tool to rewrite your media library permalinks, make sure to thoroughly check your sites to make sure the changes worked network wide. Again, I'd advise taking a backup of your network and database before you install a new plugin, so you can revert if you find it isn't working as expected.

    Hope this helps!

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