Replicate for New Networks?

Is there an import / export function or a method by which I could export / import all my questions / answers so that when I create a new network for a new client, I can import the same FAQ content from one multisite to the next?

Sometimes I have to create a completely new multisite and other times I simply use Networks+ or similar to create a new sub network within my main network. Either way, it would be nice to be able to replicate my FAQ so I don't have to create all my questions and answers again (as this would take forever to do each time).

  • coreymj78
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    Well, I need it more for new sub networks created in the same multisite. I am using Ron and Andrea's Networks+ to replicate new networks for each client site to segregate their BuddyPress social networks. But all these client sub networks exist in the same multisite using one database.

    The issue being that when I create a new sub network, I'm assuming that since the Support System plugin is unique to a specific network that the FAQ would need to be re-created for the new network.

    I own BackupBuddy, but unfortunately it does not work with Networks+ as it does not recognize the nested network. So that won't work. Essentially what I would need to do would be to export a portion of the database tables (for the original FAQ) and somehow import it into another part of the same database (the part that corresponds to the new network's FAQ), if that makes sense. Only issue is that I have no clue how I would do this or even where to look in the database. Plus we want to increase our client site project volume and this would probably be too much effort made for each site.

    Wow, I really just need a way to somehow do a simple export / import of the FAQ data into the new sub network. Is there really no other ideas on how to do this? There's got to be a way.

  • coreymj78
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    Ok, thanks, hey I'm looking at Navicat and it is indeed amazing looking as it 1. works on mac (yes!) and 2. allows you to (among a host of other features) do partial import / export of table / field data and even has a wizard which helps you select the tables to import / export and match the fields.

    If i went this route, how could I find which tables / fields I would need to export to get only the FAQ data? This information would also tell me which tables I would need to import the data into (it would be imported into the same tables, but the tables which corresponded to the new network instead of the old obviously).

    So how could I find the name of the tables so I could use Navicat to search them out and export / import the data?

    Thanks! I feel like I'm onto something that could actually help with a lot of other things as well.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings coreymj78 :slight_smile:

    yepper it is a GREAT piece of software :slight_smile:

    I like it also because you can drag and drop whole databases from one to another and also you can easily backup databases and delete individual records etc.

    Joe :slight_smile:

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