replicating a template that will also include the popup terms and conditions/disclaimers.

Hi folks,

The WPMUDEV dashboard support is enabled FYI>

Here is the situation.

By sure you are logged out first or you will not see the popup. Please go here:

You will notice the popup terms and conditions and disclaimers.

When you go in to look at the page in WP editing . . .

As far as I can tell, the current doctor directory is using a Template (called Doctors Database) - the Terms of Use statement and the Disclaimer launch page are both part of this template. If i clone the current directory page and insert the iframe HTML for the new directory, the old one is still on top of it unless I change the template. However, if I change the template, I lose the Terms of Use and Disclaimer page.

How can we create a new template that replicates the old terms and conditions popup in a new doctor directory page we are working on?

We just want to clone the page (which we already have a cloning plugin installed) and add new content to the page, remove the old content, but retain the terms and conditions/disclaimers as well).

Or, some other solution?

Please let us know what you think.