Replicating the Perfect Site from One Domain to Another


so - I have a pile of sites that I use for my own company, FINALLY (expletives excluded for sake of brevity), I have a site that, even without marketing, generates a couple of subscribers EVERY day. I'm SOOOO chuffed!

Anyhow, I have customized the Theme for this site, and I've obviously set up the plugins to an inch of their lives.

I would really like to "copy" this "theme", and the plugins installed, and plonk it on another domain, just tweaking the settings in the plugins, and editing the copy and graphics on the theme.

But keep the layout, and the look and feel, and activated plugins etc.

What's the most "copying" that I can do? What plugin should I use / what should I copy and paste in the File Manager of my sites?

I'm trying to save a little bit of time rolling out, if that makes sense. Please guide me?