reply to comments not working in custom post types

Another question and issue!

Comments Plus is working well in regular posts, but the reply to comment link doesn't work in custom posts. Can you help?

Thank you!
Erica M

  • DavidM
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    Whoops, looks like I responded right after you! And thanks for that clarification, I do see what you mean.

    Pressing that "Reply" link yields an error related to jquery, "HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR: DOM Exception 3"

    Your site is paginating the comments though, are you using a plugin for that by any chance?

    If so, could you try deactivating that for a moment to see how it works with it off?


  • ericahm
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    I thought Comments Plus was paginating! I'd deactivated a plugin that did paginate the comments before installing Comments Plus. A few minutes ago, I completely deleted it from the server. The comments are still paginated. And the reply link still doesn't work. Any thought? Thanks!

  • Vladislav
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    I believe I have something. Your provider tabs are on top of your entire comments area, and when you try to reply to a comment, the entire comment area enclosed in the Comments Plus markup is attempting to "move" itself - into a tiny fraction of itself (I'm lacking better words to explaining it, but basically that's what happening).

    Fortunately, that shouldn't be too hard to fix. What is the exact hook you're using for "Start injection hook"? Is it perhaps possible to try and use a hook that gets fired closer to the actual comments form? Ideally, the "Start injection" hook should be just before or just after the opening form tag, and the "Finish injection" hook should be just before/after the closing form tag.

  • ericahm
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    Thanks! I made that suggested change, but it altered my sidebar, containers and wrappers. Is there anyway I can place the comment area in its own Headway leaf container (now called a box)? Then I could separate the comment functions from the custom post types functions.

    If not, if you could simply help me find the right hooks that won't screw up the alignment of the containers. Thank you!

  • ericahm
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    I've now given comments/Comments Plus its own leaf. The start injection hook is headway_before_comments. The finish injection hook is headway_after_comments. Under this configuration as before, the reply link does not work.

    When I change the hooks to headway_before_comments_form and headway_after_comments_form, the wrapper disappears and the containers shift drastically as shown in the screenshots from my previous reply.

    I'd appreciate any help you can give me in resolving this issue as quickly as possible. Thank you.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    With the latest plugin release, there is a quick way out that may very well work for you. If you upgraded your plugin, you'll notice a new area on your plugin settings page, titled "Comments Plus add-ons". If you activate "Custom Comments Template" add-on from there, it will replace your comments form and comments template with a template of its own, which should make everything just work. I have tested it myself, although with an older version on Headway (v2.0.9).

    If the appearance doesn't fit in with your styles, you can add your own styling to the plugin's custom template too, or even re-work the markup entirely in a future-proof way.

  • Mason
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    Hiya ericahm,

    Just wondering if this ever got resolved for ya? It sounds like it could be a javascript conflict at this point. Apologies for the delay, but if you'd like to revisit this issue let us know by responding and reopening this thread.


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