Report Email Confirmations Missing in Action

I’m repeating an earlier support request here for the purpose of documenting the issue (it was mentioned to me by support to do so.)

The problem I’m having is with the added confirmation for report emails. It seems frequent that my clients don’t see the emails or are interpreting them as junk/phishing/spam/etc. because of the lack of ability to customize them (or because they are ending up in spam folders.)

Right now there’s no good way to manage this issue – I have to go in to each individual report and edit it to even see what the status is for recipients, to see if they’ve confirmed or not. And I keep having clients say “what report” when I mention it, so I know they’re not getting them.

It would be good to have some way to manage recipients in a more manageable fashion, as well as much more control over how the email going out looks.

Better yet – when creating the report there should be a link generated that I can provide to a client for them to just click and confirm. That way I know they’re getting it, as it would be given along with other information I’m already contacting them about.