Reputation system and evaluation of posts and comments

I’d like to offer you a plug-in that wordpressMU really lacks. That’s the main thing that my website needs and I’m sure the same goes for many other websites. Many people are ready to invest money in constant technical support from WPMU DEV just for the sake of using this plug-in.

I’m speaking about the reputation system and evaluation of comments and posts.

How we can implement this system:

1. There is a plug-in called Post Indexer. It collects data about all posts on the website and puts them into a table. It is important to add the information on the ratings of each post into the table. Those ratings can go up or down when a user clicks on + or – beside that post in the posts feed on the WPMU website.

2. A separate page on the website with the posts feed. Right now the existing widget of the posts is not fully developed as there is no information on the number of posts in the post indexer database and there is no way we can add this info. This page with the posts has a menu where you can choose to see all posts/only posts with the ratings higher than 0/only posts with the ratings higher than X. You can determine the value of X number if you go to the ratings settings in the admin section.

3. The information about the registration date and the ratings of the users can be posted on their user profile pages.

4. It would be ideal if there was a possibility to evaluate user comments and show their ratings beside their posts. So you need to add the settings in the admin section of how the registration date, the general post ratings, the general comment ratings, number of comments and number of posts influence the user rating. It would be good if users with reputation lower than X could have a limited number of votes with the voting weight 1,those with the reputation higher than X, but lower than Y could have unlimited number of votes with vote weight 2. We would also need this type of settings in the admin section.

This plug-in can exist on a paying basis separately from WPMU DEV. All I am sure about is that it is necessary and you will see it as soon as it will start generating money.