[REQ] Edit customer details form to include 'add to newsletter' checkbox

I know with AWeber you can just auto-send an email to {list-name}@aweber.com and the From name/email will get added to the mailing list (well, they will receive a confirm email).

Is there a way to add this feature in perhaps?

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    Are you looking for an email to be sent to admin (site or super admin) in addition to each custom orders email?

    I'm fairly certain that MarketPress already does this - or are you asking for the ability to set a different email address altogether?


  • keithjameslock
    • Flash Drive

    nah.. I just meant.. adding a checkbox asking if the customer wants to subscribe to a newsletter.. then, upon clicking 'Continue Checkout', checks to see if it was clicked, then adds them to the newsletter (with AWeber it's as simple as sending out an email)... but the more I thought about it the more that would have to be involved.. we'd have to test if they already signed up because we wouldn't to ask them during every checkout... I'll have to think more about this..

    ..but.. adding a flexible "subscribe to newsletter" feature during the checkout (or signup) process would be a great feature!

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