REQ: Feature in BlogsMu Template

I would like to “programmatically” be able to turn on/off Network sub intro post text without having to hack the template code.



What I’ve done:

DEFINE(‘BP_NONETWORK’,TRUE); // Kill Header In the custom page that I do not want this show up.

I edited panel-index.php

<?php include ( TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/options-var.php’ ); ?>

<div id=”panel”>


if (!defined (‘BP_NONETWORK’:wink:) {


<div id=”header-name-alt”>

<?php echo stripslashes($tn_blogsmu_featured_sub_intro_post); ?>


<?PHP } ?>


I’m sure there’s a better way…. but this worked for my needs. The featured_sub_intro_post is a good feature, but it takes up to much real estate.