[REQ] Safe Ad Sharing Plugin without need for user Javascript

I really liked the concept of the Ad Sharing plugin, but was concerned about allowing a user to insert their own Javascript for security reasons. I searched the forums and found another post that described the same concern and a possible solution (allowing users to insert AdSense credentials, but not JS):


James from Support suggested that the suggestion be logged as a Feature Request a few weeks ago. Since I haven't seen it logged yet, I thought I'd put the request in myself on behalf of the other thread author - Mark (wpcdn).

WPMU Dev - could this be implemented? The solution would address the security concerns and make this a truly excellent (and safe) plugin.

BTW - this is my first post in the forums and I'm a new member. I wanted to take a moment to thank WPMU Dev for some outstanding work with their plugins and themes. I am very impressed (just signed up for a year extension to my membership).