REQUEST - A Simpler Login URL Plugin for MU

Sarah wrote about Ozh's Simpler Login URL plugin back in January, but many people are having trouble getting it to work with multisite.

Seems easy enough... just use the WordPress Rewrite API to change into

(This would make things a lot easier for new WP users to get to their dashboards.)

Ozh's plugin works nicely for regular WP, but getting it to work on MU to be a common problem. If you read the comments on Ozh's plugin post, there are lots of MU users having issues getting it to work.

Also, see these threads:

I'd like to request a multisite-compatible version of this plugin. WPMU DEV has the technical knowhow to get these rewrite rules working for multisite networks.

I have tried Ozh's plugin on both our production server (Nginx, multisite) and my local MAMP install (multisite). Neither worked. I'm getting 404 errors when trying to access

James? Aaron? Any takers? Any +1's ?