Q&A Plugin – Request and Suggestions

The Q&A plugin is great but i feel like something is missing or something does’t work in this plugin.

First of all, RSS. It will be very Useful if there be rss in it.

2) People must not registered to post answers. It will be great that visitors can give answers as comments in wordpress without requiring them to register.

3) User pages. I want to disable this feature. I don’t wont bunch of pages with users profile.

4) Ability to choose how many questions will be shown in Q&A page. The plugin shows number of questions that was set in wordpress Settings ->> Read. Not very practical in different situations .

5) There is no Notification in WordPress Backend when new answer or new question was posted. For example if new comment was posted in wordpress, you will see notification on the Comment menu, for Q&A i can’t see any notifications.

6) Something is wrong with Answer Pages in Backend panel. it uses Posting structure and all answers getting “No title” Subject. Why it’s not using default comment structure of wordpress?

7) Themes, It will be nice to have themes for this plugin.

Any way, This is my 2cent or maybe 5 cent, i don’t know :wink: