Request - Are we working on a CRM in WPMUDEV?

Hi folks,

i'm super keen to get a wordpress-plugin from you that handles CRM requirements.

The key features for me would be
1 - Custom Attributes so I can build out the subscriber profile on my site, to include all the necessary details on the various roles.
2 - conditional attributes - so if you're an employee, these attributes apply, if you're a web design customer, those attributes apply, if you're a decision maker, different attributes apply. And - then to be BOTH a client AND a decision maker with BOTH sets of attributes?
3 - the ability to create a running commentary on client interaction, that can fire tasks / reminders to my mailbox / dashboard when a set date is passed.
4 - The ability to set automated mails in a kind of Day 1, send this, Day 3, send that, Day 7, send the last one (or integration with mailchimp et al? I know there is an auto-responder function for about a month in another plugin from wpmudev, but the relationship needs to be longer than the month?)
5 - the ability to log incoming emails from the website, or from replied mails, on the dashboard automatically, linking them to customers.
6 - integration with an invoicing component.
7 - integration between this component, and the existing appointments+ / events+ plugins.

is there a workaround currently in place? i'm playing with the freebie versions of wp-invoice and wp-crm, and advanced custom fields by elliot condon. but i'm not geared enough in php and the inner workings of w/press to make sure everybody plays with everybody in the park. ;P

What do you think?
Short from commissioning a private development job, is there a way around?

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @Symi, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    I'm not aware of any plans for a CRM plugin presently, but that would be something interesting to have available...

    In regards to the features you're requiring presently though, it does sound like you'd need some custom development (though depending on which plugin you decide to use to handle the CRM & invoicing side of things, you may not need custom development for all 7 points here).

    You'd be more than welcome to post a job on our Jobs Board if you're wanting this to be developed for you:

    Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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