Request – Are we working on a CRM in WPMUDEV?

Hi folks,

i’m super keen to get a wordpress-plugin from you that handles CRM requirements.

The key features for me would be

1 – Custom Attributes so I can build out the subscriber profile on my site, to include all the necessary details on the various roles.

2 – conditional attributes – so if you’re an employee, these attributes apply, if you’re a web design customer, those attributes apply, if you’re a decision maker, different attributes apply. And – then to be BOTH a client AND a decision maker with BOTH sets of attributes?

3 – the ability to create a running commentary on client interaction, that can fire tasks / reminders to my mailbox / dashboard when a set date is passed.

4 – The ability to set automated mails in a kind of Day 1, send this, Day 3, send that, Day 7, send the last one (or integration with mailchimp et al? I know there is an auto-responder function for about a month in another plugin from wpmudev, but the relationship needs to be longer than the month?)

5 – the ability to log incoming emails from the website, or from replied mails, on the dashboard automatically, linking them to customers.

6 – integration with an invoicing component.

7 – integration between this component, and the existing appointments+ / events+ plugins.

is there a workaround currently in place? i’m playing with the freebie versions of wp-invoice and wp-crm, and advanced custom fields by elliot condon. but i’m not geared enough in php and the inner workings of w/press to make sure everybody plays with everybody in the park. ;P

What do you think?

Short from commissioning a private development job, is there a way around?