Request: Cloak Affiliate URL Plugin

Request: Cloak Affiliate URL Plugin
I know there are a few but WPMUDev does it better :>
Would like a plugin that would take your Affiliate URL like this
and turn it into this
also would be multi user capable
we can setup a service to offer cloaking services to other people if we wanted.

and have these features borrowed from another plugin (only because they were excellent features

User Features

Shorten multiple links at once or one link at a time
Batch mode for quick shortening of multiple links
Password protect shortened links
Create link aliases for search engine friendly URLs
Manage shortened links and link groups
Reorder and organize shortened links
View basic link click statistics
Detailed charts including referrers, user locations and clicks
Manage account and link branding details
API support for 3rd party script integration

Site Features

Automatic short link generation
Duplicate registrations prevention
Integration with for anti-spam protection - I don't know that service I personally Love Stop forum spam, project honey pot and bot scout.
Captcha images to prevent automatic submissions - I guess WordPress would do this with a plug in if the hook was available
PayPal integration for payment processing - for turning off ads or/and increasing amount of links
Premium membership support
Feedback form
Search engine friendly URLs and content
Fully customizable template based layouts

Administrator Features

Manage users and user profiles
Manage link groups and shortened links
Change permissions for free and premium members
Create premium packages and view orders
Create and organized banners
Manage custom pages
Allow and block domain names
Edit email templates and site settings

I +1 this Since I wrote it :>