Request: Document management plugin

Would be nice to have a document management plugin similar to Joomla Docman. We’re trying to sway users to move away from Joomla, so this plugin would help in that effort.

Some Docman features;

Main features:

* Infinite categories and subcategories. The documents can be organized across custom categories and subcategories;

* Files can be hosted locally or on a remote server

* Access control: Documents can be assigned to specific user or to custom groups of users

* Download counter and log. You can display a download counter per document and all the downloads can be logged (by user, IP, browser, date and hour);

* Own search system. Documents can be searched by name and/or description. The search system integrates with Joomla! using an optional mambot;

* Anti-leech system. The built-in anti-leech system avoids direct linking to documents;

* Path protection. Real paths to documents are never displayed to users;

Features that I’d like to have most are:

* Version control.

* Check in, check out.