Request failure prevents subscribers from

We are having a growing number of who cannot access the content because of a login failure. This has been going on for too long and our subscribers are getting frustrated that they cannot access content for which they have paid.

  • Nithin
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    Hi AMS,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    We are having a growing number of who cannot access the content because of a login failure.

    I created a new subscriber user(wptest), and tried to access your website, and I wasn’t able to replicate such issue. I could notice the login process is slow and took time to log in.

    Do you notice this issue specific to any memberships? Or is it in general? Please do note that it’s tough to say what exactly is causing this without replicating it in our side.

    I checked the debug logs enabled, but I’m afraid, it wasn’t giving many clues regarding what could be causing.

    Could you please share a couple of screenshots regarding the issue you encounter, so that we could have a better idea?

    Just to be sure, could you please confirm whether the issue exists, even after clearing browser cache, and disabling all the browser add-ons, or extensions in your system?

    Looking forward to your response, so that we could help get you sorted asap. Have a great day ahead. :slight_smile:



  • AMS
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I just spent an hour on the phone with the web host. They have confirmed that this is a problem with the plugin.

    The issue is with the front end log in page which is the plugin page. It is not working and we had this problem before with them. They have to fix it. There could be another plug in that is conflicting with it, I can remember and will have to search through my previous emails/chat records. Hopefully I kept a record of it. But this is confirmed by the web host (inmotionhosting) the the plug in is screwed up. This has nothing to do with Securi or IP addresses being blocked. If Secure was blocking you from the site, you would not be able to see anything, not even the login page.

    The web host has opened up a ticket to further trouble shoot, but they have assured me that this is 100% a plug in problem and the promised to follow up with an email stating this.

  • AMS
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    My webmaster discovered that it seems to be the WP Super Cache plugin that’s causing the problem. In the meantime I’ve deactivated it and he suggested I ask if there is an alternative in case you can’t resolve the conflict with this plug-in.

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