Request for Custom Admin Text plugin

Greetings my friend,

Is there any way the Custom Admin Text plugin could be modified to have a ‘each instance selection option’ :slight_smile: -much like the notepad ‘Search/replace’ function I quess- so there can be a choice which words to replace and which not?

In that way I could change the names of the standard single post, catagory and tags (and each time they are mentioned) and save time and plugin space in a lot of jobs which would otherwise require custom post types/taxanomies. The problem is that now when there is a change it is site wide, and for example in dutch the word for ‘posts’ (berichten) is sometimes also used to indicate ‘feed’. Which just plain looks silly translated into, let’s say, New Dream Log :slight_smile:

In any case I do also enjoy the plugin thoroughly as it is, kind regards,