[request] Limit Daily Post Count on Non Supporter Blogs

Here's on for ya! How 'bout an optional plugin for the Supporter pack that would allow us to limit the number of posts made per day – or time period set – to a specified amount on non-supporter blogs.

Too many times new bloggers post successively, monopolizing Recent Post widgets shown throughout the network. We'd love a way to set the time frame (in hours) before they can post again on blogs without Supporter status, while allowing Supporter blogs to post all they want.

Bloggers would need to be informed of next available post time with a red box above their post editor, with a link of course to the Supporter upgrade page. Auto-scheduling of published posts could be confusing for neophyte users. Publishing of new pages should not count toward daily post count.

If something like this exists, sorry for missing it. Thanks for the consideration.