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A request for Market Press please, is it possible to include a dee for use with what was fiormerly known as Google Base, something like this (borrowed from WP-Ecommerce)

Google Merchant Centre / Google Product Search

To import your products into Google Merchant Centre so that they appear within Google Product Search results, sign up for a Google Merchant Centre account and add a scheduled data feed with the following URL:

This feed is generated by the system and you just need to and let Google know about it and they update your products in their Google Product Seach listings for free at a frequency that you choose and it really does work and it's free.

If this could be made available on a global basis for a network that would be brilliant as well.

Keep up the sterling work guys


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Dave!

    I've moved this over to the feature suggestion thread to get it the proper attention.

    It looks like there's two options for getting products listed in the search, either by registering a feed or by using the API. I'm not sure which is easier to achieve or which is better in the case of a network marketplace.

    Anyone else interested in Google Product Search integration?

  • ozbod
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey micdech,

    sorry, I saw your initial post and meant to reply but life got in the way, but yes I am interested to see how this develops because I have been asking the devs on here for ages for just such a feed, so yes I am interested as I am sure many other would be as well



  • ozbod
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    Well sad to say that's 12 months waiting near as dammit now, one years worth of subscription time and still waiting, I am afraid this getting well beyond a joke now, I have accepted all the responses in good faith about how there are people working on it and how difficult it is, now I afraid these excuses just don't cut the mustard anymore.

    I have a number of client who are getting really peeved with the waiting and yes they have waited for too long and it's us, not WPMU who are getting the flack it's us!

    To quote:

    "The easiest to use, best designed and most powerful ecommerce / shopping cart plugin available for WordPress today - guaranteed."

    Really - it's falling well short of the mark when compared to WP Ecommerce, yes I have that on a number of client sites too and that's free apart from some enhancements like the grid layout, but it does have the google shopping feed!

    You keep releasing new plugins and themes etc but don't concentrate on what's being requested by your members for existing plugins.

    Come on guys you are letting us all down big time, we have all bought into the WPMU idea in good faith based on the promises on the site but this is well overdue now, we need to see this update incorporated now, enough of the lame excuses you have had more than enough time for those I want to see some action now and not wait another 12 months and another subscription period pass by and still be waiting for this.

    Am I p***ed off, I am sure you can figure that one out now for yourselves, so now it's your chance to change my mood and make me and others happy.

    Nuff said



  • ozbod
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Micdech,

    will drop you a line in a few minutes and thanks for your offer of letting try out your plugin.

    Someone may have noticed it's the 9th of May today, that makes it exactly 1 year that I requested this from WPMUDev, c'mon guys what's happen there with this?

  • ozbod
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi micdech,

    I got your email with the plugin, thanks but I haven't had time to try it yet as several of my clients have been badly hacked after a recent Akismet plugin update so at the moment all my time is channeled into getting them back on line again, as soon as I have time i will give it a go a get back to you



  • headturningmedia
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    Fortunately, I needed some other multisite plugins, so my membership wasn't a complete waste, but decided to go with wp e-commerce because of the basic functionality that was missing in MarketPress.

    Here were the items that I had to have for my client that weren't offered by MarketPress:

    - multiple locations (with different sales tax)
    - Google feed (for whatever they're calling the Google shopping feed at the moment)
    - multiple shipping options (FedEx & UPS integration)

    I would have rather used MarketPress, but until it has basic options needed by most of my clients, I will have to continue using other solutions.

  • ozbod
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    Well in the end we completely lost the will to live on this subject and a number of others and we have now confined Market Press to the recycle bin forever.

    We have moved over to Shopperpress from Premium Press and within two weeks we have a fully functioning shop that is really pleasing to the eye and all products successfully imported into google base, yes have to admit we had to buy an extra script to achieve this which cost £10.00 but what is a tenner when compared to a wait of over a year and by the looks of things WPMUDev are still not adressing the google base feed issue, as headturningmedia said above, this is a basic requirement for a shopping solution.

    My impression is that WPMUDev like to develop lots of plugins that have to be bolted together to make things work and give users a real headache, but we have discovered to our joy there is an easier way, a much easier way where everything "just works" with a little configuration, you need to take a look at guys you would learn a lot about what your punters really want.

    Guys, I hate to say this, you may talk the talk but you really do not walk the walk at all.



  • micdech
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    Hi all,
    I don't know Why you watt consider my plugin, for google Merchant feed.

    However it work wall for me, and Who watt to try it, simply seno me mail for the new version of the plugin...

    It work Also for multisite... Unfortunately the google Merchant it become fee...however, you can try to search byoutique on google shopping to see how it work.

    If you want to try the plugin, please, send me email.


  • ozbod
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi micdech,

    you were very kind with your offer of your plugin for the google feed but my point was that WPMUDev should have provided this instead of telling us it would take too much time to work it out, you on your own have done this and got it working, I wanted them with their team of developers to do it, but alas they never did and that is why I feel very let down by them.

    Also you said that there is now a fee for the google feed, we only see a fee if you are targetting the US, we target the UK market and it's free.

    Good luck for the future


  • micdech
    • Flash Drive's true,
    So you can see how my plugin work searching byoutique on google shopping :slight_smile:

    There are many advantages for using a plugin for the feed instead waiting the work team do that...

    One is that many other like me, can working separately...

    Also me thought it best to wait for the work of the core team, but there are so many things to do, so I think it's better for them to do it that marketpress can be improved with many external addon... Like now work the gateway and the shipping section... So i think it can working the section about feed, coupons and many more!

    P.s: sorry for my english... :wink:

  • Marc
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    Google Merchant connection is important to all online sellers. Judging from conversation on this thread, I am concluding that MarketPress is not being seriously developed, or to say it has stopped the development.

    If not the original coding team should stand up and say something.

  • aristath
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    Hello there Marc,

    This is a 3-year-old post.

    Please avoid re-opening old issues.
    MarketPress is being actively diveloped and in fact we have a major rewrite coming soon.

    In these 3 years, Google has changed its google shopping product 3 times, each time retiring its previous implementation and starting from scratch.
    Right now they have Google Wallet.

    I'm submitted a feature request for this, hopefully we'll be able to add this payment gateway in the near future.


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