Request: Merge sitemap plugins

It makes sense to me to have a per-site sitemap, like the one created here. I also like that it creates a file that becomes cached. Cool.

However, for the root domain, I'd like to see a sitemap for all sites.

Like this one. The other feature that I like of the mu plugin is the xslt style sheet.

I've modified my install of the wpmudev plugin to work with the style sheet.

my line 68 of simple-sitemaps.php:
$content = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="'.get_option('blog_charset').'"?'.'>';
$content .= '<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="'. get_option('siteurl').'/wp-content/mu-plugins/sitemap4wpmu.xsl"?>' . "\n";

$content .= '<urlset xmlns:xsi=""

And I simply include the xsl file from the other plugin.

Feature requests:
1. Add a change frequency column, and do the math on last changed to insert and appopriate daily/weekly/monthly setting. I just hardcoded this for now.

$content .= ' <changefreq>weekly</changefreq>'."\n";

2. Add the ability for the root domain to (a) have MORE listings than the other domains and (b) essentially combine the top 25 of all domains into one file, like the other plugin.