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We all know that there are Fiver Clones scripts out there but Only 1 for Wordpress ( Sitemile- Pricerr ) and I do own it and its nice but lacking of support and features. The Main reason I want to move away from it is support is not there. Features hes more then responsive. I think if wpmuDev would take on this prject we would see an increase of membership for it.
I was thinking to try to put functionality with a bunch of plugins, I know it could be done with post types at least that's what I read online in the freelancers sites that hundreds of posts asking for the same thing. But I have no idea how to and frankly it would be easier if it was a Plug in.

I took a copy and paste with a few edits of features I would like from one of the script fiverr clones.

Multilingual - Support For Multiple Languages - This can be covered with a translation plugin I guess
File Attachment System
Share jobs on Twitter and Facebook - Ultimate Facebook plugin
Facebook Connect Login - Ultimate Facebook plugin
Featured Gigs
SEO Optimization - SEO Plugin and Sitemap plugin
Sort Gigs by Date, Popularity, Rating or Price
Unlimited Job Categories
Paypal payment gateway integration
Pay via Paypal
Pay via Account Balance
Members can suggest jobs / gigs
Wants are listed for sellers to view and get ideas
Like Jobs / Gigs
Related Jobs / Gigs
Other Jobs / Gigs by Member
YouTube Video of Job / Gig
Share Jobs / Gigs
Order Job / Gig
Job / Gig Feedback
Job / Gig Rating
Member Jobs / Gigs
Member Rating
Contact Member
Member Details
Member Picture
Gig Title
Gig Category
Gig Description
Gig Instructions to Buyer
Gig Tags
Gig Days to Complete
Gig Image (Add up to 2 images)
Gig YouTube Video
Upload Progress Bar
Advanced Search System
Filter by Date
Filter by Popularity
Filter by Rating
Edit and Delete Jobs
Inbox Conversation System
Favorite Jobs
Edit Profile
Upload Picture
Edit Password
Control Gigs (Edit, Delete, Suspend, Activate, Add)
Control Sales (Active, Delivered, Completed, Cancelled)
Track Revenues (Available, Awaiting Clearance, Awaiting Approval, Upcoming)
Withdraw Earnings
Communicate with buyers
Control Purchases (Active, Pending Review, Completed, Cancelled)
Track Payments
Track Order Progress
Communicate with sellers
Dispute Delivered Work
Conversation system to send messages to other Members.
Mail notification for new messages
Pre-Placed Advertisements
Unlimited Advertisements
Job Category RSS Feed
Recent Jobs RSS Feed
Only Allow Verified Memebers To Create Gigs (On/Off)
Admin Login As Any Member
Price Packs - Set Multiple Prices
Percentage Commissions
Fixed Commission
Set Price Mode (Fixed, Member Set or Price Packs)
Set Price Per Gig
Set Currency
Set Days Before Withdrawals
Static Pages with HTML - Admin Panel
Update Notification System
Control Gigs
Gig Validation System (On/Off)
Create Multiple Administrators
Encoded Administrator Passwords
Control Orders
Control Payments
Clear Payments
Control Advertisements
Approve Withdrawal Requests
Control Wants
Want Validation System (On/Off)
Control Categories
Control Members
Better to make it work with any theme this way we can get away from the fiverr copycat sites. and make the site unique

+1 from me
Please Consider it.
anyone else would like to add a comment on it or +1 it
thank you