Request New Feature For Supporter Plugin to Work With New Blog Templates Plugin


It seems there are a lot of requests for a plugin that allows folks to choose a template when they register for a new blog. So, I would like to suggest that we use our "New Blog Templates Plugin" to create site templates (as it does now) and then be able to assign any number of these Site Templates to a Supporter Level (or a Membership Level).

The result would be that when a user Registers for a new blog, the user would choose a site template from the list we associated with the Supporter/Membership Level he is buying.

Somewhat like WP Site-Template Plugin does, except ours would be integrated with our family of plugins.

New Blog Templates


  • Michel Mosca
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    hey yah, me! +1! ANYTHING that lets users choose a template during signup.

    @Twicealive's suggestion is an attractive furthering of a basic option, as supporters/members could benefit from specially crafted template blogs. (cool incentive in a network catering to particular niches!) Great idea!

    The only problem I see, is that supporter level is purchased after the signup (don't know the process with the membership plugin as I haven't used this one yet). Meaning that first signup should happen as a registration without blog and then based on his chosen membership level the member would get options for creating a blog.

    (I know, it's a bit a late response to the original post, but just wanted to confirm my interest, contribute my two cents and get a point towards my free lifetime membership LOL)

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