Request: Show active mp_tag list on single product page by default

I am very much enjoying the latest developments of the marketpress plugin!!

This is actually a suggestion for a future improvement... a humbly offered request. Please excuse me if I am too brazen!

I currently use templates to show active mp_tags on a single product.

It would be much easier if mp_tags were shown by default, as the mp_categories are.

To accomplish this, something like the following line of code could be placed in the marketpress.php file right after mp_category_list section at about line 1754.

$content .= mp_tag_list($post->ID, '<div class="mp_product_tags">' . __( 'Tagged with ', 'mp' ), ', ', '</div>');

For ease of styling, the two divs: .mp_product_categories and .mp_product_tags could be wrapped in a div class of .mp_taxonomies.

It's simpler and more efficient to manage the visibility of the taxonomies on a single-product page with css than to use template files.

Thanks again for a GREAT plugin!