Request: Traveltime included in appointment time.

Hi there,

For a client i'm making a website.
It's a barber at home business.
She's travelling adresses in a 20 mile radius.
It takes time to go from one adress to next.
It would be awesome and necessary to have this traveltime included in appointments+.
Maybe it could use the google maps and traffic api?
and calculates the time from the appointment adress or home adress to the next adress.

Why is there nothing like this already?
It sounds like much people could use this :slight_smile:

Big Thanks!

  • Vaughan

    Hi Eelco,

    Hope you're well?

    The appointments+ plugin was not specifically designed for that type of usage, Over the years it has certainly become more flexible with how people are using it, but it still has it's limits, this type of usage was envisaged & currently, this is the first request I have seen for this type of feature.

    I will certainly add this to the list for the developer to consider in a future update.

    At this moment in time, it can't do calculations in that manner, the only thing I could suggest is to have a 15 minute padding time before/after each appointment, that will prevent an appointment being booked within 15 minutes before/after each appointment.

    Hope this helps

  • Kieran


    +1 from me. I've actually requested this feature too and myself and Jose talked about it a number of months back. The best we thought was having the post code as a compulsory field then using Google Maps to calculate the driving distance between the two locations then add a bit of padding.

    Jose managed to get the post code as a field in there (update 1.47 maybe it was?) but it never got out of the theoretical stage as my other sites took priority and I didn't hear back from Jose. But i would LOVE something like this!!

    My business is similar to the original poster. For this to ultimately work I'd need Service Providers to be able to be allocated to more than one location. I'll create a seperate thread about that..

    Out of interest who are the Appointments+ developer(s)

    Kind Regards

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