Request: Update to Recent Comments/Recent posts plugins.

I think it would be really nice to have these updated with a few more options/upgrades. Right now I feel like both of these plugins are pretty incomplete unless they are edited, something many of us do not know how to do.

If you look at my site,, the Recent Comments only displays the comment text. It would be nice if it also displayed the name of the commenter, the time/date and which blog the comment was left on.

For the Recent Posts if you use a larger avatar size(48 or 96) the text allignment is below the avatar but it would look much better beside the avatar. Similar to the pic you used for the "Recent Posts" here: <img src="" alt="posts" />

It would also be very nice if instead of just displaying the title of the post and a bit of text that it displayed the date and the name of the blog/poster.

I know I had posted about this before, I just wanted to put in my formal request. =)