Requesting BP Group Membership protected Media. Where certain media contant can only be seen by memb

I searched and did not see this request so I am posting.

I have a client who would like the following feature.

They would like to upload media (pdf, audio, video, PP, docs) to a BP Group area. Then only those members of that BP Group can access the media.

Example, A Private BP Group member uploads a media file. Now only other members of that Private BP Group members can see the content.

This is similar to the Membership download protection. In addition to protecting on membership level, it also is protecting by membership in the BP Group.

Thus, each media file would have to be tagged as owned by 1 or more BP groups. If the member does not belong to any of those groups they get Permission Denied .

Is this easily do able.

Thanks much,

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    I am not sure if it would.

    It looks like a good start as it has the BP Document features I am looking for.

    This plug-in does not describe the following scenario.
    A BP Group member shares the link of the document with a non-group member. And the non-group member accesses the link. Do they get the document? or not?

    I can only assume (based on the suggested plug-in not mentioning this case) that the suggested plug-in would allow the Non-BP Group member to access the document from a direct link. (or if Google or other search engines get a hold of the document link, anyone accessing through the link would be able to access the file directly)

    The behavior I desire is that a Membership plug-in defined "stranger" or any membership Level that is not a Member of the BP Group will get a permission denied.

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