Requesting Votes on New Plugin Request – Page Creation within Admin Plugin

Calling all developers, hosters of blogging services, I just put in a request for a new plugin that would give the ability to the super admin to create pages within the admin section that will show to all users of wpmu or buddypress. Creating new pages inside the admin would give you the ability to have your own custom training section, adding vides if you want and or content for training or for any purpose you have, There are many reasons I can see that this would be a great feature. such as having a private section for your customers. Maybe you would want to add a chat page, for live help, or a promotion page of some sort, or an in house newsletter that only shows up in side the admin section instead of being emailed out… there are tons of ways this could benefit you..

If you agree, please vote for this plugin request here

Thanks for your support

Tony V