Requests update please

I am writing to politely request an update concerning two items that have been requested by not only me, but dozens of other WPMUDev members.

For many of those requesting these updates, it has meant a wait of over a year now and also for us it’s getting harder and harder having to explain to our clients why they too are having to wait.

The requests in question are:

1. Google product feed

2. Affiliate integration

When we chose to go down the Marketpress route we did so in the belief that these basic functionalities would become available pretty soon as, we did at that time understand that it would take some time for this fledgling plug-in to catch up with it’s competitors like WP-Ecommerce etc. But sadly it still trailing a long way behind.

There are more topics I would like to cover here but I don’t want to dilute my message here.

So Guys, I am asking you for an honest answer please, when are we likely to see these requests completed, no fluff, just an honest answer please, which I can relate to when my clients start asking again.

I also find it amazing that problems that are resolved by members are not included in later updates, or members spend many hours collectively resolving issues and sharing the fixes – only to read something like “thanks for finding this we will ensure it’s included in the next update”, what’s going on here, aren’t we the members paying you for this service – to fix or upgrade your own products, not us (the members) paying for the privilege of writing documentation, fixing bugs or creating upgrade patches for your software.

Also keep in mind, many of us are running businesses which use your products in what we do for our clients and we do not really have the time to do what I have described in the paragraph above because we don’t get paid for this time, having said that most are good natured and believe that we should help our fellow members when we find solutions by sharing. Also, it is us who test your software, find bugs and report them, this takes time and the very least we expect is a pro-active and timely fix at your end, the same goes with feature requests, we use the software to achieve the needs of our clients and when we hit a wall, we as your clients request a feature, yes as Paid Up members of WPMUDev we are also your clients.

Finally I know I have had messages from WPMUDev telling me that yours is not a “develop on demand” service which I find hard to take on board when I look at the wording you continue to use on this site regarding requests etc, and also the fact that you do charge a premium rate for membership, I think all your members are entitled to expect a premium service in return and should never ever here “that’s a custom job”, this is simply not acceptable.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon