Require registration of the visitor for One time view and others


I have a website that would add these subscription options:

- Payment for One time view content with possibility to display the content for 3 months (registration required)
- Payment for the content for a month (registration required)
- Payment for the content for a year (registration required)

But the only content does not give me the option of the visitor is registered and I can not put the content for a year, because according to your configuration, the maximum time is 90 days.


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @guiloviu,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your questions :slight_smile:

    Have you allowed user registrations in > wp-admin > settings > general ("Anyone can register")? :slight_smile:

    Make sure that's enabled, and then the user should be able to register.

    In the recurring subscription setting, you should be able to enter 365 days without any issues :slight_smile:

    Though currently you can't have a recurring for a month and a year and a one time view, only a one time view, daily pass or one type of recurring.

    Would perhaps our membership plugin work better for your use case? Are you using this to protect whole posts, or part of posts?


    Kind Regards

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