"Require you to use a PayPal button"…


I sent (in 2012) the application to PayPal to approve.

PayPal (x.com) replied:

“…. I have successfully tested your payment flow now. Please note that as per the Branding Guidelines in Chapter 2 of the Interface Guide (https://www.x.com/sites/default/files/PayPalX_Interface_Guide_Edition1_1 … ), we will require you to use a PayPal button on your Payment page. You can find the buttons in the ‘Merchant tools’ section of your account or PayPal at this URL: https://cms.paypal.com/cms_content/US / en_US / files / developer / paypal_button_chart_en.html … “

How do I remove the default button (plugin) and enter to button PayPal?

Thank you.