Requirements / best practices for multi-site

I want to set up a number of multi-site sites, using Domain Mapping, and have a couple of main areas to figure out:
1) Hosting
I currently host with 1and1, via a shared web host package. This doesn't include a Dedicated IP option, I have to upgrade to a server for that.
So I'm wondering what is the best next step, should I upgrade or are there better hosting options?
2) User Accounts / architecture
I plan to develop the sites to use modules like Woocommerce etc. Are there any considerations I should be aware of re how to set it up, in terms of centralized/distributed user accounts etc.?
Cheers Neil.

  • Ash

    Hello Neil McEvoy

    I hope you already know, wordpress kiils mich memory than other similar types of framework based websites. So, if you think you would have lots of visitors, I would suggest to have a dedicated server or a VPS at least, you can configure NGINX and Apache bridge, varnish for server level cache and a good caching plugin for your site.

    I never used 1and1 myself, but I heard they are good.

    About your store, are you considering to make a multi vendor site? And you want to take comission on each sale? If so, you can try our marketpress plugin:

    If you want to stick to use woocommerce, you can try a theme called Dokan.

    And in a multisite, all users are centralized, they just get access to any specific site.

    Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Have a nice day!


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