Resize Elements/Photos in Upfront

Elements and Photos do not seem to drag, drop, resize for me.
In video I am trying to take the Page title "Mail Myself to School" and put it above two elements.
A text box and a youtube box.
The boxes do not want to give up any vertical space.
I can squeeze them thinner.

The official tutorial suggest little yellow handles at the element corners to resize them. I have not found these corners for elements.
I have found one (bottom right) on photos- this has only let me reposition photos-
I have not been able to crop or resize photos with this- when I insert photos to a page the box they show up in has been, for me, a long, low rectangle.

Any thoughts, tips, answers appreciated.

Thank you, Peter

(Video didn't upload- I'm at about 40/60 for getting one posted here. Mine are mp4 files exported from Camtasia with no audio.)