Resize image at upload, and optionally manually afterwords

I don’t know, maybe there are allready a perfect working plugin for this, but I have not found any.

My users want (demand) that images that they upload automatically get resized to suitable format for the web. People take their 3MB+ pictures straight from the digital camera and put it in their post.

Sure, they should not, sure they should use some sort of image software to fix this, but reallity; other blogg platforms fix this automatically for the users, WordPress does not…

Ideally, during upload, the user should get some suggestions/options; Keep original (not recomended), Maximum conpression, Fairly compressed, just litte compressed (with previews and facts).

Are there any plugin out there that you know of, or is it possible that WPMUDEV creates one like this?

Ps: SmushIT is a good one, but it is limited in original size, and most pictures are to big, so they get ignored…