"Resize Original Image” setting isn't working on WP Smush Pro


1) Smush Pro refuses to resize my images to 1800px which leaves me with 7000px and 9000px images. I’m not sure when this stopped working, but I know it WAS. I have waited for the smushing progress to update and then refresh and still, no changes – still left with huge images.

2) I see a new image size called medium_large now that’s able to be “smushed”. I didn’t add that, so I looked into it and found out that WP added it back in 4.4. So why is it showing now and why is it set to 0px by 0px?

3) 3 of my images refuse to “smush”. They originally smush and I get a success message and then when I refresh the page… boom back to “you have 3 images that need smushed”… How do I find out what images these are and why it’s doing this.

I’m up to date on all my plugins and am a paying user. The website I’m currently building is on a staging server (safetyindi.wpengine.com) and I’m building this out on my own custom theme.

Please get back with me and fix this. I can’t move forward with development until I can start uploading images properly. Images of the above scenarios are attached below.