Resize product thumbnails in Global Product listings

I'm looking for a way to properly resize the product thumbnails in the global products display on the main site.

They default to 150x150 using and automated thumbnailing system, but there is no way to resize them. Doing it in css to anything other than a square just causes stretching.

Going into Products -> Store Settings -> Presentation on the main site to set the thumbnails in the Product List Settings has no effect. I want to try out different thumbnail sizes on the layout to see what effect it has on shoppers, but I can't figure out a way to do this.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Saunt,

    The [mp_list_global_products] shortcode has a parameter for the thumbnail size as detailed at Network Admin > MarketPress, or as follows:

    You can use the mp_list_global_products() template function if you're using that at the code level.

    How would that work for you?


  • Saunt Valerian
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hmmm, not working. Can you check my syntax, the other arguments are working fine, but I'm not seeing any changes on the display page:

    $args = array (
         'text' => 'none',
         'per_page' => 16,
         'thumbnail_size' => 195,
        //check for paging
        if (get_query_var('paged'))
          $args['page'] = intval(get_query_var('paged'));
    mp_list_global_products( $args );

    That code is displaying here:

    I've tried it with and without single quotes around the 195, but it changes nothing. The display still defaults to 150.

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there! :slight_smile:

    Just checking in to see how things are going with this one and if you need any further help. :slight_smile:

    We haven't heard from you on this thread for a while, perhaps you got help over our email. I'm going to presume your all fixed up now and don't need any further assistance.

    However if you have more questions or need some more help then please feel free to respond in this thread or create a new one and we will be more than happy to offer assistance. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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