Resizing buddypress activity plus

Anyone have any ideas how to make that activity plus box *smaller* ? The icons I can live with, but I’m not seeing anywhere obvious in the CSS to shrink the overall box size. The plugin seems unnecessarily large and takes up so much screen real estate. When you disable it… it just looks so much cleaner (but not as cool functionally.)

I will again use this as an opportunity to state my desire to see the wordpress “status” plugin become the replacement for Activity Plus. It does the exact same thing, but for a blog, and cleaner, and cooler, and smaller, and with text links (not icons) so it uses less real estate, and it does a much better job pulling thumbnails from articles you want to link. It seems like it’s better suited for buddypress social networking than a blog…. clearly inspired by facebook’s status update box (they look nearly identical in both form and function.)

Until “status” becomes buddypress-ified (if it ever does) I’m trying to make the best of the more boxy clunky Activity Plus. I figured out how to change its background color (yes, yes, I’m quite the noob) but for the life of me I’m missing where it defines the height of the box.

I also wish it could be more like facebook where all your options are invisible until you click into the box. I wonder how hard that is to program into the plugin?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way.

A side note: if you developers are doing all this in your spare time, then bless ALL OF YOU! Your work is changing the world, it certainly has me excited .. and I use your plugins to make my small community’s “facebook killer” buddypress site. I just have a hard time convincing people to go from one to the other if the one is way more slick and clean than the other. Facebook does things in a way I am certain we can replicate functionally and visually… the “status” plugin proves it can be done, but it is sadly not buddypress optimized. Fact is, someone went and made it… and it is a work of art. I show it off frequently. It makes my blogger friends envious. WordPress should make it standard….it’s too damned sexy not to be. SOO forward thinking…. above and beyond their silly “quick post” block. It is the Macbook Air of plugins, lol. I really appreciate the work that must go into all these themes and plugins, and then having to deal with whiny ass amateurs like me saying “MAKE IT DO THIS TOO… MAKE IT DO THAT TOO!” Fact is, we love you guys! We’re whining because in our view you’re 80% there…. we’re asking for that last 20% which nags us so much to make us nag you. :slight_smile:

To everyone… when you see a good plugin, app, theme, state it as such. Developers certainly want feedback, good or bad, or they wouldn’t make their work public. The idea is to make things better for all of us, that’s why we’re here, right? I joined this site to have more direct communication with the geniuses behind the work which I firmly believe will forever change the game of microblogging and social networking and website design. The open source movement and the developers therein is forever inspiring to me. This is why I wish we could show the world we can do things just as good or better than the ad-subsidized status quo. It just takes knowing how, or a willingness to learn.

Thank you all for your patience with me. I’m a persistent bastard on some things, but only in regards to what I truly believe is right.

I think if my suggestions here were put into place, these plugins would be more useful for EVERYONE who uses them. I just think most people who download them aren’t even considering the possibility they could be better. Old school myspace users never imagined the likes of Facbeook being possible, until someone created it. No one really demanded it for that very reason… they were used to the status quo.

So I’m not sure how many “yes, me too’s!” I’ll ever get when I suggest certain features, as I don’t know if anyone else would consider them worthy unless they are building a site with the same purpose in mind I have. I don’t want buddypress to be SIMILAR TO facebook, I want it to be better, more private, more features, cleaner, slicker, with more options that don’t clutter the interface.

My community calls me the Steve Jobs of buddypress, lol…. I’m not as technical as many of you, but I know what looks right and I know what people would prefer, even when they themselves don’t realize it. When I had the Frisco theme, they were all fine. Then I set out to find something more clean and less clunky…. they were all “no, no, this is fine… don’t change it.” Then I changed it to BP Fun and they all went ‘WOW! That’s great! Love it! SOOO much better!” That’s what I’m talking about.

WPMU is “the shit” when it comes to the bleeding edge of what is needed to improve wordpress and buddypress. I paid to join for that reason., but when I see something lacking, I’m going to point it out, and openly admit I don’t have the goods to change it myself so I desperately seek help. When I learn, I will share, but someone has to hold my hand each time I explore a new area. I really hope more users here feel free and inspired to speak their minds about what could be *improved* about existing plugins and themes. I have many that “work” but they could work “better.” Sometimes I’m able to do it myself, but when I can’t, here I am asking for your sage guidance to the … as the logo says “the wordpress experts.”

Thank you for existing. What I have paid to join is a bargain compared to the knowledge you have thus far given me in return.