Responsive site not reflowing on ipad when rotated

Hi guys

I’m nearly ready to launch a responsive site but I’m having unexpected results when you rotate an iPad..

The site looks perfect in portrait mode but I would expect the text to reflow to include more words per line (keeping the same font size) when you rotate to landscape.

However, it just zooms like you would expect on a fixed-width site, making the text bigger instead of re-flowing it!

See a prime example of this in action here:

If you check it on a desktop browser (not IE8 please – I’m not quite there yet!) you’ll see the text re-flow nicely, images re-scale and the menu changing layout as you resize the browser window. The ‘grid’ style menu that you see on a narrower browser is what you see on portrait iPad which is great but I also want to see this change to the single row style menu (that you see on a wider desktop browser) when the iPad is in landscape.. Right now, it doesn’t – it simply zooms in.

Any help with this would be massively appreciated, it’s driving me mad!

Thanks in advance!