Responsive Theme & Cloning Pages

Looking for responsive themes (ones that auto-format according to type of device or screen - iPhone vs. iPad vs. Desktop) AND method to copy the clone of the web page(s) made about a company information on such a theme script to multiple separate domains with each its own URL. The purpose is to (1) install and use a responsive theme, (2) to create one set of "template page(s)" with content (images, descriptions, metadata, etc.) for one company site at one URL and (3) then use this site and "template page(s)" for the company's affiliate companies separate websites (since they would have mainly same information) and domain names WITHOUT recreating the exact "sites". Therefore creating one sample site and using as template for other sites using duplications of template site (copying the template page AND contents) and installing on multiple Wordpress-running sites.

I would appreciate your assistance on how to best do this. Thank you.